Three-time best-selling author, professional street and stage hypnotist (with a little magic thrown in), international speaker and (very occasional) actor Keith Blakemore-Noble BSc(Hons) FRI FBCS CITP was born at a very young age on Friday March 14th, 1966 (at 11:20 pm apparently, although he doesn’t remember that) in ForresScotland, on a birthday which he shares with Jasper CarrottMichael Caine and Albert Einstein (amongst others).  Most of his formative years were spent growing up in Aberlour in Speyside at the heart of the Malt Whisky Trail until it was time to head off to University of Essex from which he graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering (Computers & Microprocessors) in 1988 and, unable to delay the inevitable any further, he entered full time employment, where for nearly 25 years he worked with computers in various guises, working his way up to the glamour of being Enterprise Unix Architect (oh yes, it’s true!). All this time there was one thing he always fought, and that was sometimes crippling shyness. Eventually he managed to overcome it (and learned a lot of cool stuff in the process!) and these days he is The Confidence Alchemist where he helps people to overcome their own shyness, lack of confidence, and fears. He also regularly speaks on confidence, leadership and motivation, and is a published (bestselling, no less!) author, and runs his own publishing company which helps other experts to take the leap to becoming an author through a best-selling collaborative series Winning in Life and Work.

You can also sometimes find him on the streets or on the stage entertaining people with his hypnosis shows which combine hypnosis, magic and misdirection.


He did settle down for about 23 years in WokinghamBerkshire (in the UK), before spending 2 years in  Ubud in Bali (with occasional forays to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and more).  He is now firmly back in the UK, living back home in Elgin, Scotland.

His hobbies include reading books (especially sci fi and some fantasy, but also the odd biography and other non-fiction work from time to time, just to check there is still a real world out there), music (both listening and playing, although his excessing synthesiser collection has shrunk somewhat over recent years as it was taking up too much space, his guitar needs re-stringing, and he still hasn’t got that drum kit out of respect for his neighbours), going to gigs (he has attended at least one big one every year from 1986 to 2012), watching films, and stopping the weeds from completely taking over his garden. He has also rediscovered his love of AmDram and over recent years has appeared Aladdin, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (bitesize version), a stage adaptation of ‘Allo ‘Allo, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, and Alice In Wonderland.