…on the Pomposity of Blogging.

pomposity [pɒmˈpɒsɪti] (noun) from pompous [ˈpɒmpəs] (adjective) – affectedly and irritatingly grand, solemn, or self-important : “a pompous idiot who pretends he knows everything.”

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French pompeux ‘full of grandeur,’ from late Latin pomposus, from pompa ‘pomp.’

Blogs. They are everywhere. Everyone writes them. They are, we are regularly told (mainly, it has to be said, by the bloggers themselves) the new wave in information sharing, a means of ensuring that vital information is spread to the masses without the editorial censorship of the traditional media, a way of making sure that everyone gets access to all the vital and important topics of the day. They are faster and more powerful than the traditional media at reporting the latest trends and at bringing the most up-to-date important news to your fingertips, complete with the comprehensive analysis that only the combined power of the blogosphere can bring to bear. They will sign the death-knell of the traditional media, we are told.

And sure enough, there are a small handful of genuinely useful blogs out there which do bring important issues to a wider audience, giving us access to information we would not normally find.
But, and it is an enormous but, those are few and far between.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. The VAST majority of blogs are so mind-numbingly tedious that they are read by the author and a few friends and, well, that’s it. They do not contain the seeds of revolution, they contain the usual levels of banality you’d find eavesdropping on street corners or in the pub.

But put one on the Internet and suddenly the author expects the world and their dog will beat a path to their blog to lap up their latest incoherent ramblings thereby elevating themselves above the rest of us mere mortals into a position of power, one whose opinions Matter.

Yeah, right.

Let’s face it, folks, most blogs are never read outside of a small group of friends of the author and that’s it.

Most blogs are not going to change the world.

And yes, this one is absolutely no exception. Indeed, I can be pretty confident in saying that apart from me, it is highly unlikely that anyone else will ever read these words.

It, in common with 99.999% of all other blogs out there, is trivial, boring and so incredibly unimportant.

It has no illusions of changing the world, of whipping up the masses into organised ranks.

But it does help me to pass my time…