…on the Hypocrisy of The Media

Scummy Papers“What?”, I hear you cry, “Surely our beloved media can’t possibly be staffed by hypocrites?”. Well, I’m afraid it would appear that they most definitely are, as today’s papers prove.

Yesterday there was a service of remembrance for those who fought and died in the Battle of Britain, on the 75th anniversary of same. All the main political leaders, amongst others, were there of course, including the newly elected leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. Now, at this point I should declare that I am not a supporter of Corbyn, nor of the Labour party which he leads; our political stances are sufficiently different for me to be unable to support either in a political way. So this isn’t driven out of some allegiance to either the man or the party.

Anyway, during the service, the National Anthem (a.k.a. God Save The Queen) was sung. However, as pointed out at great length by the media, Corbyn chose not to sing it, but instead to stand in, as he described it, “respectful silence” during the Anthem. Something which seems to have got the media in rather a tizz, as witness the headlines in many of the so-called newspapers today, variously claiming that Corbyn had snubbed the Queen, or insulted her, and barely stopping short of calling for his execution for treason. The way they were reacting, you’d think he’d punched Her Majesty or demanded she be locked up in The Tower!

Now, I’m not going to step in and “defend” Corbyn – he is more than capable of doing that himself (I will note that Corbyn, a well-known athiest and republican, simply chose to stand in respectful silence during the National Anthem – compare that with certain government ministers who spent the whole time looking around for the TV cameras and making sure they saw them singing. Besides, as an athiest who occasionally goes to church with religious friends, when it comes to prayers I simply stand, head bowed, in respectful silence rather than saying something in which I do not believe. My friends know this, and it doesn’t bother them in the slightest; they certainly don’t perceive it as an insult!)

Rather, I want to just throw some light on the media who faking their moral outrage about this so-called massive insult to the Queen.

Sun Heil HeadlineThis is the same media which, over the past decade or more, has not exactly been respectful to the Queen nor to Her Majesty’s family.

For example, who can forget

  • The Sun (left) bringing their supposed “world exclusive” private footage purporting to show the then 6 year old Pricess Elizabeth giving a nazi salute – in 1933 – with the oh so respectful headline “Their Royal Heilnesses”;
  • Journalists, editors and news paper owners routinely paying sometimes considerable sums in order to have Royal voicemails hacked as they sift through to find any juicy gossip;
  • “Squidgygate” where The Sun and others fell over themselves in their rush to publish transcripts from illegally intercepted calls between Diana, The Pricess of Wales, and James Gilbey;
  • “Camilagate”, where The Mirror lead the stampede to publish the transcripts of Prince Charles engaging in explicit conversation with his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, again a private conversation which had been illegally taped, and which the media were only too keen to disseminate far and wide;
  • The indecent (geddit?) haste with which the media gleefully rushed to bring the illicitly snapped photos of a naked Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas;
  • The press and paparazzi regularly hounding most members of the Royal Family, breaking agreements not to take illicit shots of young children, and generally behaving in a way which would get you or I locked up for trespass and harassment;

And that’s just a short snippet of some of the many ways in which the media over the decades have lept at the chance to embarrass, snub and insult the Royal Family.

So tell me, which do you feel is the greater insult to the Queen?

Hacking her family’s voicemails and emails, illegally recording and publishing private telephone conversations, publishing private videos completely out of context, publishing private photos taken at private parties, sneaking into private gardens and using telephoto lenses to snap photos of babies and young children…

Or an atheist republican standing in respectful silence which the National Anthem is sung?

Regardless of whether you think Corbyn should have sung it or not, the massive hypocrisy of the media is sickening and stinks.

PS I don’t know about you, but I do find it amusing that the UK National Anthem basically consists of an entire song devoted to telling god what to do! Not asking, but telling. When you are royalist or republican, you have to admire the chutzpah of a country which does that!

So what to you think? Leave a comment and let me know!