…on ordering beer abroad.

Travelling round the world, visiting new countries and cultures, always brings the risk of falling foul of the language barrier.
Many places will tell you how to say helpful thing like “please” and “thank you”, but what about the really important things, like how to order two beers?
Fear not, for help is at hand with this handy (yet useless) guide…

Language The Phrase
English Two beers, please.
French Deux bières , s’il vous plaît.
German Zwei Bier, bitte.
Greek Δύο μπύρες, παρακαλώ
Italian Due birre, per favore.
Japanese ビールを二つください
Norwegian To øl, takk.
Polish Dwa piwa, proszę.
Russian Будьте добры, два пива.
Serbo-Croatian два пива, молим. / Dva piva, molim.
Spanish Dos cervezas, por favor.
Swedish Två öl, tack.
Welsh Dwy cwrw os gwelwch yn dda.