…on moving to a new home.

No, not me, but my website.

The address is staying the same, as you can tell (otherwise you wouldn’t have got here!).  However.  It used to be stored on Apple’s servers (as part of their .Mac service which in turn became MobileMe), but now that they have changed over to iCloud (which, I have to admit is pretty good as far as it goes – I took a load of photos the other day on my iPhone, and thanks to iCloud those photos are all also available on my iPad, MacBook and iMac all without me having to do anything) and iCloud doesn’t support web hosting, I’ve found somewhere else for my lovely little site.

Given I’ve had to move the site, and in so doing lost the support of comments via iWeb (iWeb was what I used to use to create the site – another free tool bundled with the Mac which is pretty useful for basic stuff) and photo galleries via MobileMe, I’ve decided to move away completely, and so here we are; my site on its new home, rewritten to use WordPress for the site, and Gallery for the photo side of things.


Now obviously it’ll take me a wee while to move everything across and to sort through all my photos and start getting them uploaded in some semblance of order, so bear with me. I might even get this one set up before it’s time to move to something else this time, although I’m not promising. Especially as these days I am focusing most of my time on my new business Be Your Change (go on have a look, I’ll wait!).

In the mean time, if you really are desperate to look at the old stuff which I’ve not moved across yet, then you can find it all lurking over here. Once it’s all moved across then I’ll set up something to redirect anyone who goes there over to the real articles here. That’s the plan, anyway. See? I knew all those years in IT would serve me well, you know!

And at least I have the knowledge that as it’s all hosted myself on my own rented server space, I have more control over it and I’m not at some other company’s whim.  At least, not quite so much.