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…on Increasing Authoritarianism and Fake Outrage In The UK.

Did we really fight wars in the name of freedom simply to then deny ourselves freedom anyway? It would appear so.

…on New Star Wars Films.

So it’s official! Disney have bought Lucasfilm from George Lucas (for several extremely large wheelbarrows full of cash), and they are going to make more Star Wars films! It’s been announced that they aim to release Episode VII in 2015, with the next two episodes coming and 2-3 year intervals after that (and rumours they […]

Countries I’ve Visited

I’m gradually making my way round the world, step by chaotic and unplanned step, it would seem! Here’s a list of the countries I’ve visited so far. I’ll keep updating it as I visit more, and I’ll even add some observations on some of them as and when I get round to it (yes, it […]

…on National Coming Out Day

Today, 11th October, is National Coming Out Day in many countries round the world (including Australia, Canada, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America), so in the spirit of the day I shall come right out and say it. I’m gay. Which I know comes […]

…on living without a car

(or… “Public Transport; Taking you from not quite where you are, to not quite where you want to go, not quite when you want to go there”).
It is now exactly 1 year since I sold my car, and I thought I ought to take a moment to reflect upon life without a car.

…on Apocalypse Insanity.

According to  some people (who ought to know better if only they would stop and think for a moment), 21st December 2012 will see the of the world (or, for the more overly-enthusiastic out there , the universe itself).  It is not mentioned at which time the demise will commence, nor is it mentioned which timezone applies; […]

…on The Dangerous Nature Of ‘Reality’ TV

As I write this, it is barely a week since the greatest Olympics ever staged, with our country’s athletes across the board doing the best they have done for 104 years in terms of medals. Our nation was pretty much united in its support of not only TeamGB but also every other nation competing. The […]

London 2012 Olympics

What is it actually like to go and see an event at the London 2012 Olympic Park? I got the unexpected opportunity to find out for myself.

…on London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Finally, after 7+ years of planning, the London 2012 Olympics are upon us. So what of the opening ceremony? Source of national pride, or international embarrassment? Only one way to find out!

Queen + Adam Lambert, Hammersmith Apollo, London

Queen return to Hammersmith, scene of their legendary Christmas 1975 gig, with new singer Adam Lambert. How would they fare? Would the gig be any good? Only one way to find out…

…on moving to a new home.

The joys of finding your free web hosting service gets canned, and the fun of setting it up all over again elsewhere.

…on ordering beer abroad.

Travelling round the world, visiting new countries and cultures, always brings the risk of falling foul of the language barrier. Many places will tell you how to say helpful thing like “please” and “thank you”, but what about the really important things, like how to order two beers? Fear not, for help is at hand […]