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…On Global Warming, Climate and Weather.

On the important differences between Climate and Weather, and how change in one doesn’t necessarily predict change in the other…

Status Quo, Wembley Arena, London

My final gig of this year, Quo at their 2010 visit from the tour that pretty much never ends, it just changes its name from time to time. As ever, there was a huge range of ages in the crowd with pretty much all groups covered – people (or parents thereof) I spoke to there […]

…on Swearing, Obscenities and Obsession.

A polite warning for those of you who may find such things offensive – this contains “swear words”. Lots and lots of them. If the use of such language does offend you then please just move swiftly on for I don’t want to cause you unnecessary offence. Still reading? Excellent. So, just what is it […]

…on Social Networks.

Ah yes. Good old Social Networking sites. Where you can sit at the computer all day being sociable with other people sat at their computers all day, instead of just going to the pub and socialising in the real world with those same people. At least…

Stephen Hawking, Royal Albert Hall, London

When I heard that Stephen Hawking was going to be presenting a very rare public lecture, I have to admit I wasted no time at all rushing to snap up a ticket. After all, how could I possibly turn down the chance to hear perhaps the most brilliant, and almost certainly the most famous, scientist […]

McFly, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

As part of the build-up to the launch of their 5th studio album Above The Noise, the boys embarked upon a small and intimate 5-date mini tour of the UK, hitting Southampton Guildhall, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, Bristol Colston Hall, Manchester Apollo and Edinburgh Playhouse…

…on Ticket Touts (and other leeches)

Ticket touts. They are just a bunch of people screwing money out of fans with not even the pretence of offering some sort of service in exchange. They are contemptible. Freeloaders. Leeches.

So what to do about them?

…on meeting a childhood hero (or two)

The day I got to meet a childhood hero (well, two of them) at their house. So, is it true one should never meet their heroes for fear of disappointment?

…on Lost.

So finally, after 6 seasons and 6 long years, it’s all over, ending as it began.
Lost is finished, the story is complete and all the answers to the mysteries they are ever going to reveal have been revealed.

It seems that…

…on Voting Reform

As I write this, it is now three days since the UK General Election of May 2010 (normally one need only specify the year but this time round, who knows what’s down the road!) and we still have no real idea of who is going to form the new government. What is clear, however, is […]

…on Mum.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day (it also happens to be my birthday, and also Pi Day, but those are topics for another time). However, today (6 days before Mother’s Day) is a less celebratory day, as it is 6 years to the day since my Mum passed away. 6 years! Where has the time gone?! […]